A Rajkumar Rai Initiative


Shri Rajkumar Rai - The visionary of Sswayam and the Glory of Gujarat

Apart from the various awards presented to Shri Rajkumar Rai, his inspirational leadership at Unique Mercantile Group and Sswayam Lifespaces has compelled many to start their own mission of change. Mr. Rai was bestowed with the prestigious Glory of Gujarat Award in 2012 by the Indian Council of Social Welfare for his continued and significant contribution in the field of education, employment, training and development of India for more than 25 years. Mr. Rajkumar Rai’s resounding development at Gujarat and other parts of India over the last 3 decades has made him list in the significant contributors of Indian progress. His humbleness, coupled with foreseeing vision, continues to inspire many and carry forward his legacy.